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General Missions
“• Assist the General Manager in his role of leader, manager, administrator and salesman
• Participate in the hotel’s organisation and manage the accommodation and/or restaurant team in line with the Brand’s Human Resources policy, while respecting the guest/customer promise and current regulations
• Be readily available for the teams and hotel guests, and work with the General Manager to ensure a high level of quality for all services
• Replace the General Manager when he is not on site
• May be expected to carry out one or more cross-functional missions for the region or network”
Key Responsibilities
Guest relations
“• Create a relationship with the guest throughout their stay, by being readily available and coming up with a solution to all their needs, thus gaining their loyalty
• Handle any complaints by finding suitable solutions
• Convey the brand’s spirit among the guests
• Ensure a flexible organisation so as to provide solutions adapted to the needs of the guests”
Professional technique / production
“• Coordinate and organise the services available to guests on a daily basis
• Take responsibility for the Accommodation and/or Restaurant services on offer through the implementation of service standards
• Ensure that sub-contracting contracts comply with the quality and profit targets”
Team management / cross-functional involvement
“• Managerial responsibility over all of the teams under their authority
• Facilitate the development of their staff by helping to bring out the best in them and by supporting them in their career development
• Participate in the recruitment and integration of new employees
• Carry out annual appraisal interviews 
• Participate in putting together the hotel’s training plan
• Contribute to team spirit and openness and maintaining a good working atmosphere through hands-on management
• Use the Equipe tool, to draw up the employees work schedules, ensuring that manpower is organised in relation to the hotel’s activity and in line with local regulations
• Responsible for applying the current labour laws”
“• Be aware of and involved in the hotel’s local environment 
• Participate in the commercialisation of the hotel in the immediate catchment area and keep up to date on the competition and the other Accor brands
• Check the validity and updating of information (description, rates, …) for their hotel on TARS and the various websites
• Oversee the quality of the hotel’s services and performance through guest comments from the GSS
• Work with the General Manager to draw up a sales action plan for the hotel and oversee its implementation
• Participate in inter-hotel synergy, maintaining a good working relationship with the other Accor in the market place
• Supervise the organisation and running of the hotel’s different points of sale”
“• Participate in elaborating and overseeing the hotel’s budget 
• Participate in investment proposals
• Participate in the analysis of results and the implementation of any necessary corrective actions
• Participate, on a daily basis, in the management of openings and closings in the TARS database, respecting the “”guest mix””, so as to optimise REVPAR
• Responsible for placing orders with referenced suppliers and manages purchasing for optimum efficiency in compliance with pre-defined ratios
• Check daily invoicing, cash operations and activity reports
• Carry out inventories in compliance with administrative and financial procedures
• Assist the General Manager in administrative tasks and elements relating to staff management”
Hygiene / Safety / Environment
“• Contribute to the safety of people and belongings by anticipating and preventing risks
• Oversee the application of health and safety rules

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